Although the company operates in many different countries, managing the communication solution with the right communication tools is easy and cost-efficient

Nordkalk is the leading supplier of limestone-based products and solutions in Northern Europe. Nordkalk has operations in the European Union, in Ukraine and in Russia. An effective international business requires modern communication tools. Nordkalk chose Benemen as a partner in the project to bring the communication solution to next level.

The Challenge: Siloed and divergent communications solutions in each country organization

Nordkalk was in a situation where each of its country organizations had local siloed communications solutions.
As a result, obtaining an overall picture of companywide communications at the group level and analyzing the
data was almost impossible. Because of the siloed country environments there was no consistent reporting and,
billing management was a challenge.

Vision: One international and unified communications solution

The vision of Nordkalk was to implement one international and unified communications solution to include all
country organizations which would be managed centrally.

The answer was to acquire a cloud based communication platform on which, based on Nordkalk’s business
needs, the necessary applications would be set up. Scaling up the usage of different services as needed was
a top priority. All corporate communications, including mobile and landline calls, were intended to run via the
communications platform as part of this solution.


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